Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring SOS Recap

Another Spring SOS has come and gone. As always, I'm grateful for the chance to participate one more time. Like all of you who attended, I was really tired when I got back to Atlanta. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Got a Rx and I'm feeling fine now.

I heard a lot of talk about it being a weird SOS in terms of the crowd. Many folks felt like the numbers of people were smaller and when they went to the various clubs they didn't see a lot folks they recognized. I too thought it was a weird SOS, but for reasons that I'll just keep my little secret. I will say this however, I knew or recognized the greater majority of the folks at The Pavilion when I played Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I appreciate that most of the same folks come back each SOS when I play. If nobody else thanks you, I'll thank you...THANK YOU!!

Maybe the SOS highlight for me this spring, was the opportunity to introduce the newest member of The Pavilion DJ family, young Jason Cagle. Jason played his first SOS set on Saturday before I came on. As I observed and listened to Jason, I felt he found his stride and did a fine job. I know he learned a lot that day and will continue to learn and get better. Hell, after all these years, I still learn something every time I play. Well done my young friend, the future of our music is in good hands.

I had several of my FB friends come up and introduce themselves to me and I appreciated them doing so. I never decline anyone who wants to be my FB friend even if I don't happen to know them. I figure if they're gutsy enough to want to call themselves my friend, I'm happy to have 'em. I especially enjoyed my brief chat with Kristy McDonald. She's a "straight shooter" and loves that old Pavilion every bit as much as I do. I also think that she and Marilyn Burrage are doing a fine job with "Boys in the OD Band". By the way, congratulations to all the new members of the band!

On a serious note, I'm quite sure that most everyone had that moment at some point during SOS. That moment when you thought about the terrible fire. Maybe you got a whiff of the smoke, or saw the ash float around in the air, or maybe it just sorta popped in your mind. You thought to yourself, "God bless those poor people." I just don't know what I would do if that happened to me. Maybe you even felt a little tinge of guilt for having a good time while just up the road a few miles peoples' dreams were being wiped away. Learn to appreciate what you have folks, while you have it. As we were reminded once again, you can lose it all in a blink.

I want to thank Pam and H. Lee for putting up with me for one more SOS. I love you guys! Thanks to all of you who came out when I played. Thanks to those of you who gave me words of encouragement regarding my blog. Thanks to those of you who bought my CD's. And last but not least, THANKS FOR NO REQUESTS!


  1. Different? I'll say...It just doesn't seem the same for lots and lots of reasons.
    There are always pockets of fun...mostly at the Pavilion...
    We'll see you soon!

  2. Have been patiently awaiting your newest blog. You are doing a great job and it's always interesting to see what's on your mind. I, too, enjoyed our brief conversation at the Pavilion. Again, you rocked the house. Can't wait for your next "gig". Also agree with your observation that this was a "weird" SOS....but then again, they have all gotten more weird as the years have my opinion, SOS has absolutely NONE of the meaning left that it was originally set up for. Oh well, everybody seems to have a good time, so what the heck? There are still those of us who will gather for the friendships and memories of years gone by. Closing, thanks for helping to introduce Jason to us in the DJ booth. He did a great job is extremely pleasant to look at...hahahaha! It's always comforting to see some of the young ones following and ready to take over when their time comes.
    Kristye McDonald

  3. Can't say it was weird since it was our first SOS, but we had a great time. Thanks to you and Nancy for taking us under your wings and showing us a great time. Looking forward to fall SOS now that we know what it's all about! Keep up the good work, loved the music!
    Michael and Connie